Giannis Drops 50: BUCKS Win!

Milwaukee, WI

July 20, 2021 the Milwaukee Bucks are locked into a game six of the NBA finals against the Phoenix Suns. Up three games to two, the Bucks have the upper hand in the series. In their home arena fans wait in anticipation, yet to realize that history will be made. Giannis Antetokounmpo would take the Bucks, that had not won a championship in exactly 50 years, on his shoulder to their second NBA Title. Posting unimaginable numbers: 50 points, 14 Rebounds, and 5 astounding blocks.

After the win Giannis would do an interview with ESPNs Malika Andrews, and had some very intriguing thoughts. In his reflection he states, “Don’t call me MVP until I’m a champion.” Referencing his MVP awards in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons. Implying that the ultimate testament to his legacy is not an individual award, but hoisting the Larry O’Brien as a team.

Additionally, to go along with his past aspirations to be an NBA champion, he alludes to his drive to win more. He tells Andrews in their interview, “We just did it like a couple of hours ago and I’m already thinking about, How can I do it again.” The crazy thing is that he can do it again, he is constantly talking about his improvement for the betterment of the team. He is turning 28 in the middle of this upcoming season, fortunate for us as fans he has not even began to peak.

Yet, he did spark a debate that is still ever so present due to his comments about the way he won. The question that was given to him was, “Does it mean more to you to win here to win like this?” To his response, “I’d rather do it this way, win one this way, than go somewhere else in the superteam and win two or three.” Debate on if that 2021 Bucks team was a superteam continues to circulate at the mention of his comments. The fact that can not be debated is the loyalty of this Superstar to the small market he plays in. It almost seems as if his loyalty creates loyalty amongst the very fans that fill the seats on game night.

I pose just one question, what does Giannis have to do to win another championship?

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