Way to Early Predictions: Best Team of 2022-2023

The NBA Finals ended only a little over two months ago. Still the beginning of this next season can not come soon enough. We saw a return to the top of the mountain by the Golden State Warriors, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks pushed to a breaking point by the Boston Celtics, and so many other stories throughout the league. New young talent has been drafted. Undrafted talent has made its way onto teams based on the grit they showed in the Summer League. Now there still is some signing due in free agency and trade rumors still loom, but an all to soon prediction has one team besting all teams next year.

No matter where Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, or Kyrie Irving end up there is no possibility of those moves making a difference. The teams that make those deals happen will be left in shambles based on the capital required to obtain those talents. Like the James Harden trade last year, Philadelphia found themselves without their key three point shooter in Seth Curry. Which would have helped, even with the poor play by James Harden. That means that in order to be considered the best team in the league, the team will require depth.

The Milwaukee Bucks are the deepest team in the league. Their team has stayed relatively the same since their championship year. This year they added veteran Joe Ingles and rookie Marjon Beauchamp. Both of whom would have added to the team that took the Eastern Conference champions to seven games. Currently in the depth chart Wesley Matthews, Grayson Allen, and Pat Connaughton are in front of Beauchamp. With the passion he showed on draft day and the performance he put on in the summer league, he will contend for a starting position in the lineup. At the very least play an impactful role off the bench.

Along with their depth, their core is strong. In their 2021 championship run their core of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday, and Khris Middleton had the second best +/- in the playoffs. Naturally in the playoffs the game is supposed to flow through your best players. Trying to replicate a team design when one of those pieces is missing, as shown this year, is highly difficult.

Lastly, like Dwayne Wade states, Giannis is consistent. As I mentioned before the lose of Middleton hurt. The Bucks made it a point this offseason to insure a lose of that caliber does not become as detrimental as it was this past season. Giannis is a nightmare matchup for any team. Seemingly unstoppable, even Shaq has relinquished his title of Superman to give it to Giannis. Dominance is what Shaq’s legacy comprises of, and dominance with consistency is what the Bucks and Giannis strike for everyday.

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