Who Will be the Most Impactful Player on the Miami Dolphins?

Between Quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Tua Tagovailoa the Miami Dolphins allowed 158 quarterback pressures last season. Just over 25 percent of their drop backs resulted in either a sack, quarterback hit, or hurried throw.

During the offseason the Miami Dolphins made some moves that they hope will see them progress on the 10-7 season they recorded last year. The most talked about move this offseason was the trade for Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs. His nickname “Cheetah” signifies his 4.29 40 yard dash speed, along with his use of speed after the catch. They also added another speed player Raheem Mostert, to a run by committee backfield with Chase Edmonds. The Dolphins have, arguably, the fastest position players in the league. Yet, the greatest acquisition during the offseason has nothing to do with speed.

The Mercury News

Left Tackle Terron Armstead will have the largest impact towards success for the Dolphins than any other player signed this offseason.

Armstead is not without his own adversity. Throughout his 9 season career he has failed to play in every game in any season. Although he is not competing for the most consecutive games played like Bruce Matthews or Will Shields, he is preparing to be the best version of himself for this upcoming season.

When asked if he thinks about how his health has prevented him from playing a complete season he responded, “Absolutely absolutely this is my job man this is what I do for a living. It’s how I feed my family, it’s how I make my life. So that’s ideally all I want to do is play, all I want to do is play. Unfortunately we don’t always get to do what we want to do, you know, so my injuries have been in result of a lot of different things. Compounding; coming back too early and all that all those good things. Mike and Kyle and the rest of those guys have been conscious and cognizant of everything that I’ve dealt with previously. I’m trying to get on that field every day every play, you know, this is what I do I love it. Listen it’s 100 percent injury rate in NFL, it’s just a guarantee. Now the severity the magnitude of the injury you you try to pre-hab, do all this preventative work that I’m definitely tapped into. The nutrition the mobility all those good things, do everything that you possibly can do. Then it’s control what you can control.”


If Armstead can overcome his injury woes, he will be the best blind side protector in the league. Prior to last season, Armstead made the Pro-Bowl three consecutive years. Having a All-Pro Left Tackle is something all teams have valued at the top of their list. His presence and talent on the Dolphins offensive line will will result in less quarterback pressures. In his three Pro-Bowl worthy seasons the New Orleans Saints had some of the lowest quarterback pressure numbers in the league.

According to Pro Football Focus, Armstead ranked as the 4th best Tackle going into last season. This year he fell to 6th because of his health concerns.

When he is on the field the Offensive Line will see a stability they were missing all last year. He is by far the teams best pass and run blocker. Competition throughout training camp will prove beneficial in creating comradery and cohesion. He will miss games, it is almost inevitable. It is also inevitable that he will be a difference maker for the overall flow in the offense. The Dolphins offense will only succeed if he does.

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