Trading Josh Hader Will be the Greatest Agony for the Milwaukee Brewers.

“I was surprised. He was a huge part of our success … Just getting the ball to him was pretty much a sure thing most of the time”, Milwaukee Brewers Reliever Devin Williams expresses after Josh Hader trade.


The Milwaukee Brewers had a near perfect arrangement to close out games. 2020 Relief Pitcher of the Year Devin Williams would enter the game somewhere in the 7th or 8th inning. In the 9th inning enter 4 time All-Star Josh Hader. Leading the NL with 29 saves, the Brewers won many games during his 5 and a half seasons with them.

The Brewers will be in agony for many years to come trying to fill the void left after trading Hader to the San Diego Padres. Hader will lead the San Diego Padres to a World Series Championship.

Since the trade that took place on August 1st, the Brewers have lost three of their four games. Of those three losses, two of them have come as a result of Walk Off fashion.

In the first walk off lose, on August 3rd, the blown save was given to Jake McGee. After losing the lead the two teams, Brewers and Pirates, enter the 9th inning tied at 7. Devin Williams allows the walk off run and the pirates lose 8-7.

The following day, August 4th, the Pirates and the Brewers continue the series. After Devin Williams keeps the game tied at three through the 8th inning, enters Matt Bush. The Brewers are up 4-3 after scoring in the top of the inning. Matt Bush only needs to deliver three outs and no runs, a challenge that Hader had so often been accustomed to. The Pirates score on a sac fly. With a runner on third Matt Bush throws a wild pitch and the Pirates win the game without having to swing the bat.

The Brewers attempted to fill the closer position with the likes of their ace Devin Williams. It did not amount to a win. Being a closer takes something special. Not saying that the young star is not special, I believe the kid is big time. He simply is not closer material at this point in his career.

All while Josh Hader has been tested by his new team. Being put in a situation he has seen to many times during his stint in Milwaukee. I that test he found himself 1-0 with the San Diego Padres.

If measuring the winner of this trade by the recent play off both parties, I would have to say that Hader is in a better position. The Brewers have a lot of searching and training to do to replace the production of Hader. I will miss the one-two punch of Williams and Hader, and I am sure most of Milwaukee is with me on that point. The San Diego Padres have been busy acquiring talent. Hader being one piece to their recent acquisitions, another being Juan Soto who will also have an impact on the teams success. Without the ability to finish close games in the Playoffs, it will be difficult to see any team go far.

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