Devin McCourty Embracing the Mentor Role

Devin McCourty is headed into his 13 season in the NFL. He has embraced the Patriot way over his career and has been a part of 3 championship teams.

In 2010 he was runner up in the Rookie Defensive Player of the Year voting. Although he has only been selected to two Pro-Bowls, he leads his draft class in both career tackles and interceptions. He only trails the winner of the 2010 Rookie DPOY Ndamukong Suh in total games played.

Over the course of his career he has shown consistency, durability, and production.

In a press conference McCourty was asked to comment on what he has seen from the rookie cornerbacks Jack Jones and Marcus Jones.

“Man it’s been fun man I think both those guys are hungry, eager, ready to go. I think Jack is is a guy that you can see his football instincts, great feet you can kind of see what he’s able to do. Marcus is my guy sits by me in meetings, I’m cracking on him all day. I think he wants to learn so much, obviously he’s playing a little bit everywhere in our defense inside some safety type stuff, but I love both those guys. I love how they’ve come in want to learn want to get better. Another guy a Schooler, like Schoolers come here he’s been a lot on special teams. You saw him make some plays at the end of practice. I think we actually have a really good rookie group that have come in ready to learn. We’ve gotten them better at their rookie duties some of the things they need to do. They’ve done better of keeping our meeting room the way we need it to be. Great group of young men and excited for all of those guys future.”

Any praise from McCourty is, in my opinion, a patriot seal of approval.

McCourty goes on to emphasize the playing experience between himself Cody Davis, Matthew Slater, and Justin Bethel. That experience guiding the young players, including rookie Brenden Schooler, towards success at the very least on Special Teams.

These rookies need to embrace the lessons McCourty has to offer. They have large shoes to fill as the potential future of the New England Patriots.


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