Eric Stokes: The Most Aware Thing I Saw Today

Second year Green Bay Packer cornerback Eric Stokes talked with the media today. At first the conversation was geared around the competition in practice, as the Packers competed in joint practice with the New Orleans Saints.

One reporter asked a question in regards to facing wide receiver Michael Thomas in the practice. Thomas being the 2019 AP Offensive Player of the Year, has dealt with some injuries over the past couple of seasons. Because of those injuries he has attracted plenty of attention this offseason to see if he will return to his former glory.

For his answer to the Michael Thomas question watch the interview here:

Although knowing how a teams secondary will match up against one of the better receivers in the league is intriguing. Something else intrigued me entirely. If you watch the video, Stokes has multiple sticky notes on his locker.

Stokes had this to say about his notes, “this is one of his ways to where it just helped me refocus. Help me regain everything and I’m just trying to be big, especially this year on my mental making sure I’m straight before everybody else… there’s some stuff that I know for sure, I used to say on the daily. Dr. Carr says if you write it down, you look at them every day to help you remember and help you focus on even more.”

Some of the notes I saw were: “Feet First Then Hands”, “Thank the man above”, “Eyes on the hips”, “Be Yourself”, “Dis what you wanted”, “Close the Space”.

This Shows Awareness on Multiple Levels

  1. The Green Bay Packers are showing that they are focused on developing their players. Helping their players gain control of their lives and emotions. Mental Toughness is defined by 4 Cs, one of which is Control, and sub categorized as life and emotion control.
  2. Eric Stokes is a former 1st round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Being picked in the first round comes with higher expectations. Talent will only get you so far in the league.
  3. Managing those expectations through preparation will help accelerate his career. Focusing on small tasks and goals will help create mastery over larger goals. Celebrate the small wins.
  4. This is a prime example of how to achieve success on any level. This tool can be applied to young children in school all the way to the most successful CEO in the world.

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