Potential NFL Draft Steals: Dorian Williams

Some of the best linebackers (LB) in the NFL today fall under the traditional 6’2″ to 6’3″ 250 pound Brian Urlacher frame. Lavonte David, Dre Greenlaw, Fred Warner, Nick Bolton, Roquan Smith etc. are all under 6’2″ 250 pounds.

Analyst are saying that Dorian Williams could be drafted anywhere between the third round and the fifth round.

Why Not

He played for Tulane which is not in a Power 5 conference. Because they are in a smaller conference it can be said that they also play lesser competition.

He can be a liability in run defense because of his size. He was able to be effective in college because of his athleticism. In the NFL everyone is bigger, faster, and stronger it will take more than athleticism to contribute.

Why He is a Sleeper

Williams played against USC and Kansas State, both top competitors in their respective power 5 conferences, and led the Tulane defense in leadership and tackles.

As mentioned before, linebackers are smaller and more versatile now more than ever. Williams fits in that versatility role. Buffalo Bills Matt Milano is on the smaller side for a linebacker and is still able to utilize his skillset in pass coverage to compensate. Just like Milano, Williams is more than willing to put his hat on someone in the run game. He may not be the hammer that is needed in the run game, but he is more than willing and capable to clean-up.

He showed remarkable acceleration on the field, quite tantalizing at times. Its the kind of speed that catches you off guard. His reaction time in pass coverage is also stunning. Last year he held opposing quarterbacks to a 67.1 passer rating. Because of his athleticism he can cover both tight ends and running backs. With a 6’8″ wingspan he can be disruptive all over the field.


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