Hi, I’m Sean-Mykle.

I write about all sports. I look for players that standout with heart and effort, players that grind it out and give it everything they have. It could be for the win or for the love of the game. My writing is posted on Basketball-Reference and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

My favorite word/ phrase is endoplasmic reticulum and I will try to use it in a conversation if I can make it work.

I have tried to find my place in sports for a very long time

Now sports writing and media has consumed me, allowing me to express my love for sports and communicate with others.

My Journey

In High School I played Basketball, Football and ran in Track. After High School I made the choice to join the military over playing a sport in college.

From the military, to sales, to management, and now in teaching I have found myself relating to others through conversations in athletic competition.

If I could talk about Sports 24/7 I would. Good thing their is Twitter to always keep the conversations going.